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Orgonite Pendulums

Orgonite Pendulums

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Orgonite Pendulums - Available in 3 stones

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Metaphysical Properties

Orgonite is said to sustain the projective and receptive energies of the organic and non-organic materials by holding them in a state of constant excitement. Each orgonite contains a quartz crystal, which gives off a charge when pressure is applied to it. Metal scrapings will repel or project the orgone or Chi while the organic resin and other organic materials attract or receive the orgone. The resin shrinks when it cools and therefore constantly applies pressure to it’s contents. All this results in the permeation of a charge which helps to cleanse and balance stagnant and negative energies and bring them to a balanced state.

Orgonite pyramids, like crystals and colors, can be used for various specific intentions based on the type of materials included in each one. For example, a rose quartz orgonite will help bring about feelings of harmony, compassion, respect and forgiveness while increasing your ability to love yourself and engage in meaningful loving relationships. This rose quartz orgonite wand is made with metal flakes, resin, and rose quartz crystals.

Pendulums are divination dowsing tools.  They bring understanding about your own self, someone else, an incident or an occurrence. Pendulums have been used for ages for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive. This is accomplished by allowing the body, through a process known as ‘muscle testing’, to determine the outcome. Simply ask a question which you know the answer to and determine which circular or up or down motion is yes or no. Relax – then ask your question. With practice, and once you become comfortable in using your pendulum you can use your divination skills to answer all sorts of questions and to make decisions. Our genuine crystal pendulums make excellent tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.

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