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Crystal Journey Chakra Soy Filled Votives Holders

Crystal Journey Chakra Soy Filled Votives Holders

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Pure soy wax is combined with strong, inspiring scents to create the best jar candles around! Crystal Journey filled soy votives come in a heavy glass jar and burn for approximately 18-20 hours.

You will receive one votive candle. Please choose from:

Root Chakra (Red) - Cedar and clove
Sacral Chakra (Orange) - Ylang ylang and sandalwood
Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) - Lavender and rosemary
Heart Chakra (Green) - Rose and geranium
Throat Chakra (Light Blue) - Neroli and sage
Third Eye Chakra (Blue) - Jasmine, vetiver
Crown Chakra (Purple) - Frankincense and olibanum

Dimensions: Approx. 2.25 inches (height) x 2.75 in (diameter)

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