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Golden Azeztulite Eggs / Yoni Eggs

Golden Azeztulite Eggs / Yoni Eggs

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 Golden Azeztulite Eggs / Yoni Eggs / Price is per stone


7 x 4cm- Large

7.5 x 5cm- X Large

Metaphysical Properties


This stone is among the most powerful stones for stimulating the upper chakras to their fullest capacity.
Golden azeztulite stimulates the pineal gland, which produces the chemical DMT (dimethyltryptamine), associated with very intense expansions of consciousness, as well as visionary encounters with beings on higher planes. Many spiritual traditions claim that the awakened pineal gland is a source of Divine energy.
Golden azeztulite is attuned to the capacities of the brain, mind and nervous system. It stimulates the prefrontal lobes of the brain very intensely and precisely. These capacities involve direct knowing, simply by turning one’s attention to a question or a subject.
It can help you know precisely how another person feels, often more deeply and clearly than they are consciously capable of expressing.
Golden azeztulite offers energetic support to the brain and nervous system. It can be used to help release fear or shame that has been stored over time. This stone assists in dissolving old patterns of alienation and defensiveness that restrict your capacity for joy, happiness and love.

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