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Kama Sutra Honey Dust 6oz

Kama Sutra Honey Dust 6oz

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Kissable, moisture-wicking body powder that leaves skin silky-soft and delicately scented. Includes a sexy feather applicator. Talc free.

Foreplay - Water-Absorbing- Kissable- Tickling


  • Delicious, kissable body dust
  • Lightweight formula wicks away moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth
  • Six irresistible Kama Sutra flavors, each imparts a delicate fragrance on the skin
  • Use anywhere on the body
  • Size: 6.0oz (170gr)

    Vine-ripened raspberries, sweetened with a touch of honey.


    Light and sweet, like strawberry mousse.


    Delicately sweet honeysuckle nectar.


    A sweet blend of tropical fruits with strong notes of mango and a hint of peach.


    Melt-in-your-mouth coconut cream with a splash of juicy pineapple. 


    Creamy vanilla flavor. Reminiscent of fresh baked sugar cookies.


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