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Pure Copper Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper Cleaner

Pure Copper Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper Cleaner

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The art of tongue scraping has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Tongue scraping is a simple yet powerful morning practice with many health benefits associated with it. Scraping the tongue first thing each morning is proven to be the most efficient way to remove the dead bacteria that collects on top of the tongue each night. This not only freshens one’s breath, but also rids these toxins before they are reabsorbed back into the system.

Tongue scraping also has some subtle healing actions that relate to the vital organs and digestive tract. This “massaging” of the tongue stimulates and awakens these organs while promoting healthy elimination.

Copper has been clinically proven to be anti-bacterial by nature. It not only kills off the “bad” bacteria of the mouth, but it instinctively allows the healthy “good” bacteria to flourish. According to Ayurveda a copper tongue scraper is best for Kapha dosha due to its heating properties, but may be beneficial for all body-types due to its powerful anti-microbial properties.

Actions and Indications:

  • Removes dead bacteria and toxins from the mouth
  • Prevents re-absorption of toxins into the system
  • Freshens the breath
  • Stimulates vital organs and digestion
  • Promotes healthy elimination
  • Opens and awakens the taste buds

General Directions: Tongue scraping should be performed directly after getting out of bed each morning.  Clean the scraper before each use.  Take the clean scraper and place the curved back end at the back of the tongue.  Slide the scraper down to the tip of the tongue and rinse off any residue.  Repeat this process 7-10 times each morning, making sure to get all areas of the tongue.

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