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Strawberry Quartz Hearts

Strawberry Quartz Hearts

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40mm Strawberry Quartz Heart / Price is per stone

Meataphysical Properties:

This rare form of Quartz is quite a stone to behold.  The energy of Strawberry Quartz brings forth a powerful sense of vitality and balanced with a soothing sense of Universal Love.  It is helpful to work with Strawberry Quartz when undergoing a spiritual crisis or when on a spiritual quest.  For those who feel a need for constant contact, these Strawberry Quartz crystals are perfect for carrying in the pocket or purse, for regular access to these warm energies.  

Meditating with Strawberry Quartz can stabilize an unbalanced energy field, and bring guidance to the Higher Heart.  It can also help one who is learning about past lives and astral travel, gathering information on these endeavors.  It can bring exciting new discoveries about the genesis of the Universe, and the calmness needed to assimilate this knowledge in an appropriate way, and turn it into wisdom.  Although very powerful, the vibration of Strawberry Quartz is quite gentle.



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