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Decorative Aztec Tecpatl Obsidian Knives | Atlantean of Tula

Decorative Aztec Tecpatl Obsidian Knives | Atlantean of Tula

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Aztec Tecpatl Obsidian Knives

Obsidian with stabilized malachite handles

Small  (7 ¾" overall. 4 ½" blade is 1 5/8" wide) $49

Large (9 ¾" overall. 5 3/8" long blade is 2 ¼" wide) $85

X- Large (13" overall. 6.5" blade) $108

Often used in Energy work and Energetic Cord Cutting Ceremonies 

Sold Individually

Handmade in Mexico


In the Aztec culture, a tecpatl was a flint or obsidian knife with a lanceolate figure and double-edged blade, with elongated ends. Both ends could be rounded or pointed, but other designs were made with a blade attached to a handle. 

It was the sign of the eighteenth day, the twentieth day of the month of the Aztec calendar and the beginning of one of the twenty trecenas of the tonalpohualli.

The Tecpatl knife was traditionally used for human sacrifice by the Aztecs, but it also was the short-range weapon of the jaguar warriors. Although it may have seen only limited use on the battlefield, its sharp edges would have made it an effective sidearm.


 Today each incredible replica is still hand made in their native home of Mexico. From the hand flaked, genuine obsidian blades to the important figures adorning the stabilized malachite handles they are as close as you can get to the true ceremonial knives made for high priests and their rites of human sacrifice. This is a rare find and the quantities are limited.

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