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Quartz Crystal Points with Volcanic Ash layers

Quartz Crystal Points with Volcanic Ash layers

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Base Cut Quartz Crystal Points


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Metaphysical Properties:

Tourmalated Quartz shares the properties of its components - the grounding and deflection of negative energy found in Tourmaline, as well as the energy amplification and consciousness raising ability of Quartz.  As such, Tourmalated Quartz brings balance and luck. These come from India.

The combination of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline creates a powerful ally in one's spiritual growth.  While the Quartz can be an aid to those on the spiritual path, the Black Tourmaline can help keep one well-grounded, thus avoiding that out-of-touch sensation that can often result from being too focused on the higher pursuits.  Black Tourmaline in Quartz can also help keep the Quartz from picking up negative vibrations from the environment or other people, making it a great crystal to keep close by.   These Tourmalated Cabochons can have an energetic cleansing effect on the aura, and are great for energy healing sessions and grid work.

The Black Tourmaline, or Schorl, which is most commonly the type of Tourmaline found in Tourmalated Quartz is a well known stone in metaphysical circles.   Used for grounding and clearing, Black Tourmaline is also exceptional at blocking and transmuting negativity, making it a wonderful stone for releasing fear and worry, and for protection of one's energy field.  Black Tourmaline is also used for clearing away electromagnetic pollution from sources such as computers and cell phones.

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer of the mineral kingdom and is often used for enhancing psychic abilities.  It has the energetic property of amplification, focus, and programmability.  Crystal lovers know Clear Quartz to be a great tool for manifestation and spiritual growth.  Meditating with Clear Quartz can help one to attune to the soul purpose.  Clear Quartz can open and activate the chakras.   Clear Quartz is also a great tool for manifestation grids and body layouts but must be cleansed regularly.

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