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Raw Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Pyrite Pieces

Raw Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Pyrite Pieces

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Beautiful Color! Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Pyrite Raw Pieces


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Chalcopyrite AKA Bornite has the distinct privilege of being nicknamed Peacock Ore due to is rainbow of colors from copper-rich sulphide minerals, which is often referred to as the “stone of happiness”. Its extremely powerful energies eliminate negative feelings and bring on an abundance of happiness and joy to one’s life. It helps us to have the ability to see and accept the joy in the moment. It offers its user a smoother transition through life by virtue of its pleasing colors. This mineral gives a feeling of richness and abundance, hence the sense of happiness.

As one of the strongest healing stones on the mineral kingdom, Peacock Ore has the ability to align every Chakra when applied to the energy centers. It can cause a transformation that removes negative energy and replaces it with a strong, beneficial, positive vibe. This energetic vibe helps bring clarity to situations that were previously clouded by negative emotions or pain and therefore, ignites imaginative thinking and creative spark.

It brings color back into your aura. It possesses the unique ability of energizing not only the area on which it is placed, but the surrounding area as well. Use this stone for removing self-imposed obstacles. This stone has been used for re-birthing and improving your karmic imprint. Bornite is most associated with Cancer.

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