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Block Print Kantha Coin/Make-up Bag

Block Print Kantha Coin/Make-up Bag

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Cotton Block Print Kantha  Coin Purses - make-up bag

Hand Stitched Cotton Block Print Kantha Coin Purses - make-up bags -

Available in 5 Colors

Hand Made in India

Measures 10" x 7"

Color references bottom color (main color), top patch may vary.


Kantha's History


  • For as many as 500 centuries, poor Bengali women have taken their discarded cloth scraps and sewn them together with a simple running stitch; taking the old and repurposing it into something useful and protective. Far from trend-setting, or even artfulness, kantha was created originally for the most basic and practical purpose: to keep warm.


  • Over time, kantha developed as a generational skill, a craft that could symbolically impart story, desire, and well-wishing for loved ones & gift recipients. Elaborate kantha were made as wedding gifts or gifts for mothers, with stories and wishes weaved in, allowing illiterate women to leave a lasting mark.
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