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Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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Herkimer Diamond Necklaces

Approximately 17.5"

Sold Individually 

Metaphysical Properties:

These are "Extra" grade quality Herkimer Diamond Crystals. The clarity and sparkle of these Herkimer Diamonds make them rare Clear Quartz crystals.

These Herkimer Diamonds have been hand selected by size and quality. Some may have black hydrocarbon inclusions, Herkimer Diamonds are not chemically a diamond, although they do have a sparkle that is similar to a Diamond.

Herkimer Diamonds are naturally double terminated Quartz crystals and are found in Herkimer, New York, from which they get their name; Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer Diamonds are called "attunement stones" and are useful in attuning you with others, your surroundings, or new energies. This makes Herkimer Diamonds a natural choice to assist in Reiki attunements and other types of energy work.

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