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Imperial Topaz Necklace

Imperial Topaz Necklace

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Faceted Imperial Topaz Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp


17.5" with adjustable chain to extend up to 18.5"

15 grams

Sold Individually


Metaphysical Properties

  • Brings the divine light of spirit into the physical body.
  • Neutralizes the energy of cancerous cells within the body.
  • Opens the crown chakra.
  • Enhances meditation.
  • Facilitates spiritual exploration.
  • Encourages world travel and the understanding of other cultures.
Imperial Topaz is one of the most powerful manifestation stones you can get your hands on. It has a direct link to one’s solar plexus chakra, activating and enhancing one’s personal will. When the driving force behind all we do is awoken and fully activated, anything becomes possible. Our focus, determination, and confidence reach an all time high when resonating with Imperial Topaz’s energy. One becomes a higher, more powerful version of themselves when aligned with this magical stone. It's the perfect crystal for helping you get things done and also pushing your mind into a phase of longevity. This allows you to harness every ounce of energy you have and to channel it directly towards the task at hand. One will not be able to rest their mind or body until their soul is fully pleased.
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