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Jade Spiked Massage Rollers

Jade Spiked Massage Rollers

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Jade Massage Rollers

Measures 7.25" x 3" ( 18cm x 8cm)

Sold Individually


 ●The Jade spike roller is designed to be a more intensive massage to help with lymph drainage and blood flow.
●This will eliminate puffiness, toning muscles and plumping out wrinkles. 
●This Jade spike roller is well suited for areas needing stronger stimulation.
●You will find that regular use on the face minimizes spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up.
●Stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to reduce puffiness and water retention.
●Reduces dark eye circles, puffiness smoothes out wrinkles, as well as improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage
●Helps minimize enlarged pores and smoothens the skin texture
●Tightens and firms the skin to combat the first signs of ageing
●Put the roller in the fridge for a soothing and cool face and neck massage or use it gently anywhere on the body
●Use with a serum or moisturizer to promote better absorption into the skin

Gemstone Facial Roller detoxifies your completion with lymphatic massage to improve skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles and eliminate puffiness. This slimming facial roller promotes healthy toning while reducing under eye circles, puffiness and may help reduce scars.

After applying facial essential oils or serums, using the Peace Essential Gemstone Facial Roller will multiply skin benefits by increasing the absorption of vital nutrients to brighten and promote a youthful complexion. Use for 5-10 minutes first thing in to morning or anytime of day to awaken and revitalize your face. Cool in the freezer prior to use for enhanced blood circulation.

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