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Hand Sewn Kantha Recycled Silk Patchwork Market bag Purse XL

Hand Sewn Kantha Recycled Silk Patchwork Market bag Purse XL

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Hand Sewn Kantha Recycled Silk Market bag Purse XL

Has a three pockets,  as well as a zippered closure of the bag.


The tradition of kantha begins with the thrift of the Bengali women.


In Sanskrit, the word kantha simply means rags. 


For centuries, poor Bengali women have taken their discarded cloth and sewn them together with a simple running stitch to create something new. It is no easy task to create a functional quilt out of old, worn rags!  The functional kantha dorokha ("two-sided quilt") was not a work of art, but simply what the poorest families used to keep warm. Kantha also had an aspect of intimacy. Old cloth in Bangladesh is said to keep the user safe from harm. Women stitched kantha for their loved ones--for their children, their husbands, their parents. The earliest known mention of the Bengali kantha is five hundred years old--in Krishnadas Kaviraj’s Sri Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, he refers to a kantha sent to him by his mother. [Manjary Mohanty, “Quilt (Kantha) Art of Bengal"] . 


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