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Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant

Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant

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The Rose of Jericho plant, also known as the resurrection plant, is a truly amazing species. Known for its ability to come back to life after years of dormancy, this tumbleweed is shrouded in magical history and traditions. It is believed to bring peace, power and abundance to the home. Place the Rose of Jericho in a bowl of water & watch the dry plant miraculously come to life and turn into a beautiful green flower.   The water is then said to have mystical qualities and can be sprinkled around the house to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance.  Sprinkle water around you home or office for positive influences. Take out flower and let dry. You can use Rose of Jericho multiple times.



Using Water of Jericho: 

  • You can sprinkle the Magic Water of the Rose of Jericho on your Doorstep to invite all blessings.
  • Toss it on your Door to enhance protection
  • Add it on Floor Wash or Sprinkle on your premises to bless your finances and make more money  
  • Use it as “Holy Water” to repel malevolent entities and reverse bad luck


Once you've done the spell and you are happy with the Result, remove the Rose from the Water and say to it: 

” Thank you for all your blessings Rose of Jericho,

I now put you back to your Sleep. 

Rest and be ready to aid me with blessings

when I call you back to life again. Blessed be!” 

Keep the Rose of Jericho safe in your secret magical inventory. Blessed be! 



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