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Schalenblende Earrings from Poland

Schalenblende Earrings from Poland

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Sterling Silver (925) Schalenblende Earrings

Handmade in India, Mined in Poland

Sold Individually

Metaphysical Properties

Schalenblende is a lead-zinc ore that contains compact layers (once botryoidal) of Galena, Wurtzite, Sphalerite, Pyrite, and Marcasite. Schalenblende formed around 135 million years ago, when a sulfide rich liquid rapidly crystallized at an unusually low temperature. The mineral has only a few localities world wide, with many being Northern European countries. Belgium, Poland, and especially Germany have the most important deposits of Schalenblende.

Just by the dense weight of Schalenblende, one will immediately realize the grounding potentials this stone can offer. With additions of confidence, manifestation, and enhanced personal will, Schalenblende is the ultimate crystal for activating one’s lower three chakras. These open energy portals will aid us in our reconnection to Mother Earth, as well as helping conjure our thoughts and ideas into reality. This unique crystal assists you in crucial decision making that will alter the course of your life path. Schalenblende keeps one’s vision focused on themselves rather than on other peoples’ opinions. The strength you have within yourself will slowly begin to unlock and radiate throughout your body. One can use this energy to remind themselves of their true potential, all they have to do is just commit to it. You will “weather the storm” and become stronger because of it. Your potential knows no bounds, and is full of energy just waiting to be tapped into. Use this mineral as a manifestation tool in your life.

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