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Smoky Quartz Wands

Smoky Quartz Wands

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Smoky Quartz Massage Wands

from Madagascar

Measures 12 x 2mm

Sold Individually

Metaphysical Properties

A very powerful metaphysical stone, Smokey Quartz emits a high level of energy. Smokey Quartz helps ground you with Earth energies and is good for working with the Root chakra. Use Smokey Quartz to absorb and transmute negative energy.  Smokey Quartz is also said to be helpful in group situations, to bring a vibe of cooperation to the group. Smokey Quartz is an important element of one's medicine bag.

Smokey Quartz is also a great stone for pain relief, and helps to prevent healing crises after a strong energy session. Smokey Quartz can facilitate meditation, helping to deepen the state and heighten awareness, while simultaneously pulling away negative energies from the aura. These Smokey Quartz Hearts send out a comforting vibe, and can be good for clients to hold during a massage or an energy healing session.

Smokey Quartz helps ground and integrate messages and/or spiritual energy received in higher Chakras into the lower Chakras, and helps anchor expanded consciousness into the physical body. Meditating with Smokey Quartz Crystal can bring information from other realms into the physical, and many people who work with Smokey Quartz have reported unusual sightings of spiritual entities. Having Smokey Quartz in this Heart shape amplifies loving energies in the lower Chakras, helping one to truly feel Universal Love in this physical world.

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